Musicambia Announces First Annual Fundraiser Gala

Musicambia is delighted to announce our first annual fundraiser gala! Join us at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music on May 7th. This event will feature Becca Stevens and the Attacca String Quartet, in addition to music and performances by former Musicambia students. Visit our Facebook Event Page to reserve your place today!

New York State Prison Program Unlocks the Power Of Music

From the piece appearing in Strings Magazine: “Musicambia has inmates at Sing Sing prison using music as rehabilitation. It’s April in New York, and the day feels full of promise and hope, the way the early spring does after many cold, hard months of winter. I’m in a room packed tightly with 21 amateur musicians […]

A most savage Massivemuse: The Rite of Spring Dance Party

From the Groupmuse page: This is probably the best event I’ve been to in New York City in the past year! My entire body hurts today, but in a good way. Thanks to Groupmuse, Musicambia, Stravinsky, and let’s not forget important names that were forgotten, Vaslav Nijinsky, the innovate choreographer, and Sergei Diaghilev, the director […]


Scotland is a very unique corner of the world. So unique that it faces an independence referendum to separate from the United Kingdom this fall. Yet the most interesting element I was able to understand is their remarkably progressive prison system: generously funded, focused on education, and convinced of the powerful roll arts play in […]