Program Director/ The Jeptha Program


A freedom singer from the South Bronx by way of Brooklyn, spiritchild uses the arts to cultivate a cultural revolution throughout the world, from the United States to Europe, from Africa to South East Asia. This artist’s eclectic and experimental fusion of true school Hip Hop, funk, electronica and jazz continues to break the boundaries of the music scene. As spiritchild channels the frequencies of J Dilla having tea with Sun Ra, painting the silhouettes of Nina Simone remixing El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz also known as Malcolm X, no one shares the time and the space without being moved in body, mind, heart and soul.   spiritchild integrates revolution and Hip Hop music throughout all his endeavors, as a musician, DJ/ soul selector, producer, facilitator and mentor for youth, organizer and founder of the International Movement In Motion Artist & Activist Collective, cofounder along with Fred Ho of a new black arts movement and Vice President of the Universal Zulu Nation’s Brooklyn Territory (UZN Chapter 9 -Noble 9 Zuluz).

Both as a solo artist, since 1992 and as the rhythmic poet of the Hip Hop fusion band Mental Notes , since 1999, spiritchild uses music to open conversations with the audience about the injustices facing the poor and oppressed and to inspire action on environmental and social justice in New York City and around the world. Next to releasing several solo albums and band recordings, spiritchild has been privileged to work with an array of artists from revolutionary spoken word activists The Last Poets, Amiri Baraka, grammy award winning nominee Maya Azucena, the legendary Les Nubians, Gill Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson’s Midnight Band, The Coup, Dead Prez to Brooklyn’s Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra.

Staying in tune with and contributing to the pulse of young people’s musical and social heartbeat is at the core of this artist’s life work. spiritchild has extensive experience developing and leading workshops and programs on Critical Revolutionary Hip Hop pedagogy, songwriting and artist development. spiritchild has worked with homeless youth, youth offenders and young emerging artists as program director of One Mic and EAR (Emerging Artists in Residency) for Art Start and as a mentor, teaching artist and consultant for Urban Art Beat. Both are New York based nonprofit organizations that use the power of creative arts and music to transform youth. spiritchild continues to engage, inspire and uplift youth in community centers, juvenile detention facilities, high schools, colleges and universities throughout the world.

Currently spiritchild is working with Urban Art Beat and a new black arts movement on Rikers Island providing ‘critical revolutionary hip hop pedagogy’ with young men and womyn from the ages of 16-21 since black august 2017. spirit is also providing professional revolutionary developments on ‘critical revolutionary hip hop pedagogy’ and writing a book on the praxis. spirit is working on his new album ‘black gold blue gold’ to be released fall 2018 and producing for various artist in the works of their EP and Album projects. spiritchild has been working with Musicambia as well providing similar workshops with the adult male population at Sing Sing.