Musicambia is a New York based initiative establishing a network of creative music conservatories within the prisons and jails of the United States. Musicambia offers an artistic means for lowering rates of aggression and recidivism while increasing emotional communication and quality of life for incarcerated people working towards rehabilitation.


Musicambia draws much of its inspiration from the values and immense successes of Venezuela’s Fundación Musical Simón Bolívar, or El Sistema. El Sistema promotes, throughout the world, music ensembles (specifically the symphony orchestra) as a perfect analog for a functional society. This curriculum teaches the values of working independently and cooperatively through intensive music study and performances. In the past 8 years, El Sistema has been bringing this profound idea of music as a means for social change to incarcerated communities in Venezuela with unprecedented success.


With the help of correctional institutions, music organizations and community members, Musicambia strives to mimic El Sistema’s success throughout the prisons and jails of America.